Looking for data samples? Here you go!

Looking for data samples? Here you go!

Data samples would be helpful to understand the overview. This will give details about the events in a complete match. the messages are numbered {sequenceId}.json so you can process them in-order easily. 

We have attached the data samples: 

- LOL (League of Legends)
- CSGO (Based on PRODB)
- CSGO (Based on CARP)

Note: These data samples are frequently update based and the samples are generated based on the most recent releases. 

We are now offering training wheels for DOTA 2, CSGO and LOL. Below mentioned are the frequency for each

- DOTA 2 will be provided on request 
- CSGO runs every 2 hours (Monday to Friday 06:30 AM UTC ) 
- LOL runs every 2 hours (Monday to Friday 06:00 AM UTC) 

In case of any further questions, please reach out to us support@bayesesports.com

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